1. Amazon's CEO Jeff Bezos is worth over $200 billion.

  2. The US Make Billionaires Pay Act is proposing a one-off tax on the massive wealth which billionaires have accumulated since Covid-19 began.

  3. If passed, Bezos would pay $40 billion - which would still leave him the richest person in the world.

Spend that money!

This simulator lets you explore how the public revenue generated by a billionaire tax on Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ pandemic profits could be better spent on frontline health services.

  • Average GP Salary

    Average GP Salary


  • Average nurse salary

    Average nurse salary


  • Average surgeon salary

    Average surgeon salary


  • Emergency Room Visit

    Emergency Room Visit


  • Hospital Construction

    Hospital Construction


  • Breast Cancer Screening

    Breast Cancer Screening


  • Medical Oxygen Sensor

    Medical Oxygen Sensor


  • Hospital Bed

    Hospital Bed


  • X-Ray Unit

    X-Ray Unit


  • Ultrasound Machine

    Ultrasound Machine


  • Radiotherapy Machine

    Radiotherapy Machine




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